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Dualo 32 R2
The Dualo 32 R2 is a highly sophisticated yet compact instrument – a universal
revolution when it comes to food quality control. Its user-friendliness coupled with its
accessible functionality makes it a suitable device for everyone to use in the food and
feed industries.

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The Dualo 32 R2 is a robust 32-well solution that not only offers convenience but also
facilitates process and end-product quality control by answering multiple questions in
one experiment. With its small footprint, it is ideal for facilities with small to medium
throughput and little lab space. Operating with high-end technology for outstanding
instrument performance and reproducible results, the Dualo 32 R2 is ideal for maintaining
consistent quality control throughout the production of food and feedstuffs.
The software has an intuitive interface that uses predefined protocols for all testing
parameters. With faster results, its clear data interpretation and straightforward
technology, the Dualo 32 R2 makes the perfect lab companion.